Who We Are

Langford CM was founded by Ruth Langford in 2015 after spending over 10 years in the construction management field. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and vital experience in both production and custom home building. Langford Construction Management provides a comprehensive approach to managing every aspect of the building process in order to minimize any stress that inherently comes along with such a process. 

As construction Managers, it is our job to act on your behalf throughout the building process. We try to alleviate the stress that often accompanies large scale builds or remodels by providing complete accounting, bidding, contracting and a bevy of other services along the way. We handle it all from finding the architect, contractors, subs, handling the permits and all other meticulous daily needs of any project at any given time, so you can truly relax and enjoy the process.

One of our largest concerns is delivering an accurate budget within given guidelines and striving to stay within those limits. Nothing is more stressful than having large unforeseen financial issues arise in the eleventh hour and our goal is to avoid this at all costs. Although there will always be some things that change budget wise along the way, we want to minimize these occurrences by thoroughly and accurately processing budgetary needs, bids, etc. before the work has been completed or even started.

About Langford Construction Management


Ruth Langford - Owner

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