Construction Management

•Work with owners and consultants to establish initial project budget
•Assist in contractor and sub-contractor selection and verification process
•Aid in design development process with owner and architect
•Construct a detailed scope of work practices to be followed throughout project
•Implement bid instructions for sub-contractors
•Create and maintain contracts for all sub-contractors on project
•Verification of all contractors licensing and insurance certifications
•Handling RFIs and Change Orders
•Complete Project Accounting; billing (review & approval) budget, cash flow, etc.
•Providing most up to date plan and bid info in order to minimize unforeseen costs and budgetary issues
•Outlining clearly defined procurement and administration procedures that allow flexibility while controlling costs and minimizing  delays and c/o requests

•Create schedules of contract deliverables 
•Collaborate with owner and consultants in verifying schedule accuracy and timeliness
•Coordinate with owner to develop a purchase list of desired materials 
•Accept questions during the bid process from contractors
•Review manufacturers and vendors fee proposals and make recommendations accordingly
•Assure all contractors and participants understand project design requirements
•Meticulously track budget and schedule 
•Hold scheduled project meetings to discuss project specifics and go over most recent information
•Review all payments to ensure accuracy and completion of work being compensated

•Assuring that all workers are being provided a safe workplace that is in compliance with OSHA regulations
•Maintain database of verified contractors, services and materials for clients to choose from
•Inspect final stages of work and assure all items are completed to specifications before approving final payments.